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Products - UAB Skaistgirio Skalda
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In Skaistgiris dolomite quarry, the company Skaistgirio skalda, UAB produces and sells washed crushed dolomite stone of various fractions, mixtures of crushed dolomite stone and screenings, dolomite screenings, and natural dolomite stone.
In Martyniškiai gravel quarry, the company Skaistgirio skalda, UAB sources bank-run gravel, which may be further fractioned and washed in the course of production. Thereby, screened and washed gravel and pebble are produced.
In Švėtelė sand quarry, the company Skaistgirio skalda sources natural sand.
The production of the company Skaistgirio skalda, UAB is used in road construction, for production of reinforced concrete constructions and structural concrete, installation of construction sites, as well as for well-being.
Skaistgirio skalda, UAB has EC production control certificates issued by Lithuania SPSC (information on validity of certificates is available in the website http://www.spsc.lt).  
According to the provisions set out in the Annexes ZA of the following standards, the company is entitled to label their products with CE marking: 
LST EN 13242:2003+A1:2008 Aggregates for unbound and hydraulically bound materials for use in civil engineering work and road construction 
LST EN 12620:2003+A1:2008 Aggregates for concrete
LST EN 13043+AC:2004 Aggregates for bituminous mixtures and surface treatments for roads, airfields and other trafficked areas